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This week I attended futurepub10, I love these events, I’ve been to a bunch, and the format of short talks, and lots of time to catchup with people is just great. # A new Cartography of Collaboration - Daniel Hook, CEO Digital Science (work with Ian Calvert). Digital science have produced a report on collaboration, and this talk was covering one of chapters from that. I was interested to see what the key takeaways are that you can describe in a five minute talk. ... (more)

FuturePub3 - September 2014 event

Welcome back for the next installment of FuturePub. There are tons of people at the meeting tonight, pizza and beers care of WriteLaTeX!! # Sumika Sakanishi - Product Manager - ODI They aim to encourage organisations to unlock data. They also work with individuals to help them unlock the value of open data. Open data is free to use, reuse and redistribute it, e.g. CC-BY. The open data instutute have created the open data certificate, an online tool to help open data owners publish their data. ... (more)

FuturePub - future of publishing event, hosted by NESTA and WriteLaTeX

This is the second #futurepub event that I’ve been to. I also attended the last one The event was hosted by Nesta. Nesta have just launched the “new longitude” prize - which looks pretty interesting. There were six rapid fire talks, and I found the presentation format to be excellent. As with the previous event, this one was organised by the WriteLaTeX guys, and I’d just like to extend a big thanks to them for again putting on a great little event. ... (more)