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Why I'm setting up this blog

Mon Apr 13, 2009

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Right, well, I'm pretty interested in graph theory. I work in publishing for the journal Nature on new web products, and I need a focussed way of getting my thoughts together on a range of topics that touch on science. I wanted a space that was more focussed than my personal blog.

I have a few specific aims for this blog.

  • Get some of my thoughts on publishing, science and the philosophy of science out of my head and into an archived public space

  • Make notes on any academic papers that I read that touch on my area of interests

  • Motivate me to take all the cruddy code that I have lying around and push it public

  • I'd like to use this blog as a driver to learning how to visualize and extract sense out of large graphs

  • I'm hoping to perhaps get to grips to Processing as a means for the last of these three.

    In regards to the first of these three, I do intend to draw a dotted line between my personal opinions and bits of science that I find interesting, and projects that I am involved in at work. I like the tao of mac disclaimer, and I hope to tend more towards following this advice than not, however it is not clear to me that I would wish to refrain from commenting on aspects of the work that I do, especially those that reside very much in the public domain.

    That said, all opinions voiced here are strictly my own.
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License