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restaurant BAYOU Berlin

Mon Jul 14, 2008

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I got the email below a few days ago:

Hello to you all,Please forgive the bulk email! We hope all is well with you.We will be opening our new restaurant on December 1st. Please visit our newwebsite at You are able to book hotel reservations onour site using our corporate discount rate. We hope to see you sometimesoon,All the best,Steve and Brandon

Earlier this year I was on holiday in Nerja in the south of Spain. On one ofthe last nights of the holiday we went to an amazing Cajun restaurant calledCafe New Orleans. I got chatting to the two owners and they told us abouthow they had been trying to sell their place in Spain and open up inGermany. Well the food was great, and the guy's running the place were superfriendly, so I was delighted to get this message as it's clear that theyhave finally made their place in Germany happen. If you find yourself inBerlin then you should definitely consider giving this place a try.

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