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SpotOn day 2.

Yesterday was awesome, let’s see how today goes. I was watching from afar, as my wife attended, and now I’m here for the afternoon sessions. sessions: Ben Goldacre publishing data, what’s in it for researchers? now on to the sessions! [Incentivising Open Access][ioa]. (top) Nice panel, you can see the list of the panel on the site homepage, I’ll again, mostly focus on the trend of the discussion. ... (more)

SpotOn day 1.

I’ll keep a partial, live-idsh blog going during the day. I’ve been going to these things, I think, since about 2008. I really like these meetings. I’m going to probably keep these notes pretty lightweight. sessions: Ben Goldacre Kamila Session on whether science journalism will be replaced Altmetric track now on to the sessions! Ben Goldacre - opening keynote, on data. . (top) Ben is talking about the issues that arise when you place a lot of data in one place. ... (more)

Last minute changes to our solo12journals line up.

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