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Using Datasette to publish data

Thu Jul 2, 2020

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In my department we have started to make a bit of space to allow for self learning to happen. I took the time to look at, an ecosystem of tools that support data publishing. These tools are from Simon Willison, and they are fantastic.

I’d been meaning to look at the them for some time now. I used a jupyter notebook to work my way around getting some data together, and working with the tool.

In the notebook I:

  • get some data about 100 BMJ articles using the crossref API
  • take a selection of the metadata from those articles
  • install Datasette locally
  • use sqlite_utils to create a local sqlite database
  • use datasette running locally to explore and interact with this data
  • export to CSV from my local instance
  • upload this CSV to an online instance of Datasette running on Glitch
  • configure the Glitch instance to enable full text search on some of the fields

The final output can be seen running at

Overall it went really well, and I’m excited about Datasette.

You can grab a copy of this notebook from

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