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Nature, Whiskey and me

Fri Oct 7, 2011

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In my earlier post on Megajournals I hinted that I felt that there could be a future in which this business model provided sufficient funds to allow a publishing house like NPG to make it’s flagship journal Nature an open access journal.

This topic came up late one evening at coasp and I ended up making a bet with Matias Piipari. I bet that within 10 years Nature would become a fully open access journal. I win three fine bottles of scotch. The date that the bet matures on Wed Sep 22, 2021. I’ve just sent the following message to the Editor in Chief at Nature:

Subject: Scientific Reports, Nature, Open Access and a future of fine whiskey.

Dear Dr. Campbell,

I am writing to congratulate you on the recent launch of Scientific Reports. 
I had the pleasure to see Sara Grimme give an excellent overview of the genesis 
of the title at the recent COSAP conference on open access publishing 

During the course of the event a discussion arose on the potential future 
impact of the Megajournal on top tier titles such as Nature. I professed hope 
that a vehicle such as Scientific Reports could grow in time to support a 
business model in which Nature itself could be run as an open access journal.

There was some disagreement on my prediction, the outcome of which is that 
I now have a standing bet with Matias Piipari. If Nature becomes Open Access 
on or before Wed Sep 22, 2021, ten years from now, I will win three fine bottles 
of scotch.

I will continue to keep an interested eye on the development of Scientific Reports 
and I wish Nature Publishing Group the best of luck with it.

Sincerely yours,

- Ian Mulvany
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