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Five places to eat in New York, mmmmm

Mon Mar 2, 2009

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Five places to eat in New York,

I used to live in New York a good few years ago, and now when friends ofmine are about to go there they sometimes ask me about what to do there. Ikeep trying to think of great places to go in the city, so here is a shortlist of five of my favorite places to eat in New York. Not fancy, notexhaustive, just five places that I remember fondly now that I look back onmy time there. Most of these places are on the upper west side, which iswhere I used to live.

Flor De Mayo

.Chinese Cuban fusion. Best half roast chicken in New York. In fact, besthalf roast chicken on the planet. It comes with a big helping of yellow riceand fried platains. It costs about six or seven dollars and it's on 79th andBroadway, or thereabouts.

Tom's Restaurant(a.k.a Tom's Diner). It has it's own Wikipedia page, anda flickrset. Get the broadway shake. It's a cappuchino choclate malt shake, it's amazing.

Crispy Duck in China Town

Go eat in china town. Get free helpings of green tea. There is a place downthere that has a menu that includes Chairman Mao's favorite dishes. I usedto get the chicken in brown sauce. Most of the places down there are dirtcheap. You can get a good lunch for 5 dollars. I went to one place that dida crispy duck with spring onions and pancakes. It was a bit more expensivethe most of the places, but it was one of the most delicious meals that Ihave ever had. It was called "Peking Duck House" (thanks phillip for reminding me of the name!). Oh,and the green tea ice cream that you can get there is great, and so are thelittle egg cakes, look out for the lady in the booth.

Famiglia Pizza

This is simply the best slice of Pizza in New York, not the biggest, not thefancy schmancyist, just the goddamn best. There are a number of branchesthroughout the city, but the one I used to go to was on 116th and broadway.Incidentally the first pizzeriea in America is also in New York and it'spretty damn good too. It's called Lombardi's

Any Deli for a Sandwich

,But specifically broadway market deli where you should get a Sub filled withroast beef, swiss cheese, mayo, and get it heated, mmmm. It's the archetypalNew York experience. You can get any type of bread and have them stick anytype of anything between the pieces of bread. Bagels are also really reallygood in New York, go to H and H bagels, best bagels in the US, somewherearound 72nd and Broadway.

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