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Training Diary Catchup

Wed Feb 18, 2009

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OK, so, I've fallen off the wagon in terms of climbing training, or in fact training of any kind.

Last weekend was interesting. I did the introductory PADI course, but the week leading up to the weekend was swamped with work, and all of the nights of this week have filled up too. I think in order to get my running done I am going to have to transition to a morning run a few times a week.

I can give this a try tomorrow and see how it goes. I managed to get my bike road worthy again last night, so that will help with the amount of time I have free in the mornings.

not finding the time to get any training done.

So there have been some hilights.

- Diving for the first time, even if it was only in the pool.
- Last Monday week ago, nearly onsighting a 6c at the wall. My goal is to tick a 6c some time in March, so that was very promising.
- I tried to get back on the fingerboard again this week, but found it very hard. No power, no motivation. This is actually in the hilight column, as if I can actually get some power back in my hands, given how well I was climbing at the wall recently I should see some improvements!! Let's see how she goes.
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