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Weekly training report, week 3

Mon Feb 2, 2009

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Saturday 17th

Mile end, decided to try power endurance training, picked a 6a to work
on. 7 leads, and at the end I was still finding it really easy, which
means it was too easy. 6a+ next time. I had a 4 1/2 min rest between
leads. Also did some nice bouldering.

Sunday 18th
ran 12.2 km 80.5 min
did this one

Monday 19th
did some chin ups as a warm up and then 3 sets of semi-dead hangs, lasted
100s, 80s, 60s respectively with about 4 - 7 min rest between.
The last 10 seconds of the first set really fucking started to hurt,
which is good.

Tuesday 20th
4.85 km in 27.5 min, good!

getting in a 12 km run.

Picking an endurance set that was too easy, however I know to pick
something harder next time!

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