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Weekly training report, week 2

Sat Jan 17, 2009

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Friday 9th
2 hours at the castle, top roping with 5kg extra for

Sunday 11th
57 min 8.75 km

Went bouldering at the Castle, it was good, nothing too heavy, just
tried to do laps on a few nice problems to get tired.

Monday 12th
Westway, lead climbing.
Decided to try some stamina sets, kind of. At least I timed how long
it took to do the routes. 6a+ 3 min bang on. I then tried a 6b++
(wtf?) and that took 2.30 before I was totally shut down, wrong
sequence, too hard a route. I finished the night cruising a 6b, not
bad for the first week back. Did some traversing too, coming in at 4
and 3 min respectively.

Tuesday 13th
Donated a pint of blood, and that kind of whupped my ass for a couple of days.

Friday 16th
7.4 km, 47 min min

This was a clear 3 min faster over the same route. I was listening to
Cafe Del Mar.

Weekly Overview

6b onsight at Westway on Monday.
Getting my milage in by hauling my ass out for a run on Friday night.

being too tired during the week to do anything on the fingerboard, boo me.

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