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Sun Dec 21, 2008

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Ubigraph ( Ubigraph (sorry for the

fucked up formatting, I think my blog host vox is still being shitty

at recognising simple html formatting in input, mixed with line

breaks, it's just a frickin url link for god's sake) is a nicely

implemented engine for making 3-D graphs and plots. I installed it and

got the default python interface up and running in about 5 minutes. My

initial reaction was "this is cool". It runs on a server that you

communicate with using an XML-RPC interface. Then I had a moment and

realised that I couldn't think of anything, other than trying to plot

graph relationships in citations, to do with it. I want to look at the

graphing of these relationships, but need to find the time to mine

some data first, so I'll just have to put this on the shelf for a

moment. Before I do, I wanted to spin off a quick blog post to remind

myself that this really was very easy to work with. You just create a

graph object G. one could use this in conjunction with NetworkX and subclass the

ubigraph object from the networkx object and as you wrangled you

networkx object you would see it appear in ubigraph, that would be


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