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sadly I've just discovered that vox sucks

Sun Dec 21, 2008

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I have been liking using vox to blog, mainly because I can email a blog post

from any email client. This significantly reduces the

effort involved in posting a blog post.

I've just discovered that vox has enabled snap previews. I don't like them.

OK, so, some people may like them, and that's OK, but I can't turn them off

on my blog. That's not good.

In addition, when I email a link the link is now broken in vox, so if I type you can see that link text but when I embed it in a link the link does not work. boo.

I also like being able to blog pictures directly from flickr, I guess I am

going to have to roll my own solution for a blog again at some point in the

future when I have some time that will allow the bloggy thing to do what I


Ahh well.

tags: blog, suckiness, vox

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