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nice idea for improving the six nations rugby tournament

Sun Dec 21, 2008

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Shaun Edwards <a href="">writes</a> in The Guardian today
that introducing the bonus points system to the Six Nations rugby tournament could help make it more entertaining (not that it needs much help in that regard, as it is a fantastic tournament as it is). I wholeheartedly agree. At the moment you get 2 points if you win a game, and 1 point if you draw. Under the bonus system you get an extra point if you score 4 tries and you get a bonus point if you are a losing team and you hold you opposition to a gap of 7 points or less. I think you also get more points for a win. I have only one improvement on this formula. You should get a bonus point if you are wearing green. I fear that this last rule enhancement is likely to be the only way Ireland will win the championship in the near future.

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