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Why do all of the science fiction authors have all of the really good ideas already?

Mon Jul 14, 2008

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My friend Gavin has been increasingly interested in the singularity, wherebythe quiddity of humanness is uploaded into a computer, to reside there. Ithink the definition of the singularity has something to do reaching themoment where the boundary between a human individual entity and thetechnology that surrounds them becomes transparent, or disappearsaltogether.

It struck me this weekend that if you can upload an intelligence , a person,a being, a soul, into a peice of technology, then you would probably beliving at a moment when technology was advanced enough to be able to build abody from the amino acid's up. You would also probably have solved the meatto storage device transfer problem and the reverse. You upload a person,grow a body and download the person into the new body.

You could probably grow the body without utilizing breeding women (I thinkthis theme is described in the later Dune novels). This would also bedifferent from quantum teleportation, which is a ground up build from thequantum qubuits of a large structure, and due to decoherence it is a hardproblem to resolve. Molecules are more stable than quantum states, and soyou just need to knit a bunch of them together to build up a human body.

We can't travel faster than light. We just can't. So you upload yourpopulation, ship em off, and rebuild them when you find a suitable location.It might take a while, so you can send out multiple copies to increase thelikelihood of finding a nice new home.

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