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Mon Jul 14, 2008

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Matt talking about semanitic web for science, an introductionXML, URI, namespaces, RDL OWL,standards are often argued about but it;s just XML

we are supposed to be able to publish semantis data easily,at the moment it's not just an extension but a whole other world,people won't learn sapqrl

Matt believes that we can get the benifits of semantic now, but withoutin any case, it's hard to get funding

should consider semantic web, rather than Semantic Web,

how do we add sematic value to existing dcuments,enemble is the public interface originally to hte human genome project, butthere are lots of other gnese in there nowset up to fight against the patenting of genescontains microformat in web output now!enembleit's open source and open data

people understand how to look at a html source, so it's easy to add, thevalue is there without the overheadjust add standard html classes, and let people do what they want to do withit.Q - will this lead to islands of parsing?

The idea is enseble is a big resource, and hope that people will follow socreate a defacto-standard

Can style it,Parse it

can the website be the API?

can use a standard uri to access the data

cut down on the amount of code that gets written

there is more data on the web, then is available through the api(we are not the only ones)

Q - What if your api is just your searchFlickr and Yahoo do this

Why not a pipes fo biology?


have started

the microformats approach is slow, they have the idea of the process,then you have to go through a standard, and it goes round after round,we should just get started(see operator plugin, the browser becomes the broker for data)

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