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Mon Jul 14, 2008

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Laura JamesAlert Me.Com

might get too corporate.

trying to do the internet of things, internet access to small devicesthey are implimetning today, and will be shipping later this year.comes from R&D, but working in a shipping

they are going to ship a home security system, but they are actuallybuilding a platofrmthat can connect anything that does not require full audio and video

using a mesh network that connect to a hub using a 'zigby'output can be things like a lamp that has a color dependant state

the hub runs on linux with python on toprun by xml doc

can do things like tell you what day is bin day

is mains powered with battery backup

plugs in to ethernet

sounds just too cool

connects to a hubserver

they have gprs to connect to the internet if the router goes outtalks to a dialog server and a DB

there is data from loads of sensors in the homegoes to the hub,the hub has a logic enginego to the website and set it up to let you know

can send you a twitter when your doorbell rings

there are two really big trade offssecurity vs usabilityneed to make sure that your home can not get hackedand that your data does not get leaked

e.g. don't want people to have to type in the mac address of every entity inthe network

reliability vs extensabililyt

networ at home is based on zigby, low powered wireless networkopen standards

smallet item is a zigby tile, about 2cm square. range will be about 300mwith one n cover a standard home with ome base station.

Q- could you set this up for a wet lab or other lab?

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