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Mon Jul 14, 2008

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what's cool about microformats web?

is it the stickers?the t-shirtsthe community process

personal information disastertravel airlines don't talk to railroads

microformats say, what problem does it solve?

perhaps there is no problem at all

what problem does blogging solve?Twitter for christ's sake?

no one knows what they do until they are popular

e.g. yahoo pipes is not practical yetit is a user experience nightmareand it doesn't have a clear defined purpose

useful becasuse there is a lot of data via rss out there

it gives us room to play

microformats is not compatible with this

should be put up data and let people play

adding some richness to the data

if if does not get used then darwin will clear up the mess

the amount of interesting data is greater than the possible number of microformats

this is a mind flip from SQL

RDF is to SQL what dynamic is to static typing

use eRDF

gives an example of sh1 of email address for putting in this data into HTML

if it maps to an RDF schema then you can use it todayif not it is based on URI's and you can make your own schema

for a free market everyone needs to take part

GRDDL only W3C could come up with a name like that does this will tell you what data your page is putting out

the semantic web is only scary if you make it scary

look at Cwm python tool, closed wold machinecan use with FOAF to make a page of hCardsyou can combine them together to see all of your friends

uses api's gives you a FOAF docuemtns and HTML page with hCard/XFN for import to for example Dopplr


add some rdf data to your

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