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Mon Jul 14, 2008

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OS CMS systems beat the crap out of the free ones for what you get for your money, including support.

If you have a budget then you can get in touch with the authors of the OS systems easily

the only thing they sometimes don't win on is polish

it is someone's job to look at each piece and make sure that it is slick

Drupal is free, It upgrades about twice  a year, one major one minor

is built on PHP and MySQLscales pretty well, but perhaps not as well as to the size that sanger would needbut does scale on small hardware to 100s of thousands of items and users

is very modular.

it has lot's of modulescore modules are very well written

It is very flexible. the core bit of content is a node,any content that you have, if it is a node, then it inherits a lot of featuressuch as getting commenting, revision control, access controlcategorisation,

CCK is the content creation kit

Views module is for making custom lists of pages and custom lists of notes

for example in hte drupal site there is a blog module, but you can make any custom view with the views module

overview of admin pageand module view, the view is quite hard to see as the light is a bit high in the back of the room at the moment.

There is some disagreement about the status of Casablanca as a great movie, suggestion gets derisory snort from Matt, ces't la vie.

a staging system would be nice, but is not there at the moment

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