Distill is dedicated to making machine learning clear and dynamic

Distill is an experiment in bringing interactive documents and scholarly documents together. I’m often asked what the future of publishing might look like, and were we to embrace what the web offers it might look like distill. Two things though, make it look like a nice product. Right now paper flow into this journal is very low, and secondly they have advertised a large prize to attract work in this format. ... (more)

Jobs to be Done A Case Study in the NHS | Digital transformation blog

This is a great post on using the jobs to be done framework. There are two specific enhancements that are discussed - how to weight those jobs, and how to use granularity of the jobs to aid the design process (less granularity gives more freedom in the design phase). The authors wanted to use surveys to get a sense of importance of the under served needs, but in the end had to resort to a simple variant of card sorting. ... (more)

Narrative Science | Natural Language Generation Technology

I think what these people are doing is creating human readable summaries of large corpora of documents or signals based on AI. At some point this kind of approach is going to mature to the point of being able to replace many traditional editorial functions, but its going to happen in finance first. https://narrativescience.com/ ... (more)

Voice Principles | Clearleft

This is a great checklist and overview of design principles for designing for voice assistants. It’s complied and created by CelarLeft. https://voiceprinciples.com/ ... (more)

blockchain in STEM - part 2

In my last post I gave an overview of what blockchain is, while also confusing House of Pain and Cypress Hill. (These posts are probably best read whilst listening to either of those songs). In this post I’m going to look at potential use cases for blockchain in STEM and scholarly publishing. Scholarly communications use cases. When thinking about any use cases in STEM I think the questions we need to answer are: ... (more)

Architect, The Killer Serverless Framework – Reify

A nice overview of an npm framework for creating server-less applications on AWS. It abstracts away a lot of the plumbing, which can have upsides and downsides. I’d love to see something equivalent in python. The actual framework is here: https://arc.codes https://blog.reifyworks.com/architect-the-killer-serverless-framework-41565372811b ... (more)