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Some pittfalls in using iPython to generate talk slides

Yesterday I gave a talk using iPython notebook to generate the talk slides. You can get the notebook on github, and you can see a live version of the slides. It succeeded in generating an artefact that was somewhat literate, in that the code and documentation are nicely woven together, so anyone who has the time can get to exactly the same point that I got to, with this repo, however there were also a couple of problems that I ran into that make me feel that this is not yet ready for mainstream use, specifically: ... (more)

Connecting Scientific Resources, Slides

On Friday I hosted a session at Science Online London. Michael Habibi, Richard Wallis and Chris Taylor all gave great presentations. Michael’s presentation and Richards’s presentation are both online, and when the organisers post the other talks I’ll link to Chris’s presentation too. Michael, taking us through his talk Richard has a rapt audience Chris, getting passionate ... (more)