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The Future of Knowledge Organisation on the Web, a one day conference.

I’m attending this event today, and I’m going to keep some notes as the day progresses. There are a couple of oddities about the event: No Coffee. That’s a bit of a pity No power outlets in the conference room. Not many conferences have that, but one would think that it is a no brainer, especially for any meeting about the web, and in particular linked data. To add to that, there also seems to be no public wifi. ... (more)

Connecting Scientific Resources

I’m going to be hosting a session at science online London next weekend, I’m excited. I’ve been interested in the issues of connecting scientific data for a long time. In the last six months I’ve become particularly excited about the potential of web based tool like Yahoo Query Language. I was hoping to talk a little about that, but I’ve been lucky to get some amazing people to come and share their experiences about linking data, so I’m going to cede the floor to them. ... (more)