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BarCamp Cambridge - James Smith talking about Ensemble, head of the internet team for Ensemble

Ensemble came out of the human genome project about 8 years ago to preventcommercialization of genomic data. the idea was to have an open source human genome companies would have to do some work before they could make money off ofsequences. the ensemble projects takes the raw data from the genes and adds other datato this, such as reference data from other experiments there is enemble codeand there is the data ... (more)

BarCamp Cambridge - James talking about HTML5

James is just an interested bysander on the HTML 5 mailing list, hey, it's abarcamp html5 is th enew verison of html applemozillaoperaanyone who joins the mailing list and w3c (which means MS, which means this is going to work in IE) if you have ideas, then you can joing hte mailing list and put ideasforwards for the specification why should we? lots of information is locked up in HTML, not XML, not SVGL ... (more)

BarCamp Cambridge - teacking computers to understand text, Peter Corbett

a desk at the computer lab and at the chemistry lab. computationl lingustic chemistryauto-detect language in chemistry papers to try to recognics chemical andmarkup. suppliment the mark-up from publishers. can draw the chemical and annotating them overlayed over the paper some problems are that there can be new names in papers,comapct names, include extra hyphens, this program can deal with these kindsof things. also can use systematics parsing. ... (more)

BarCamp Cambridge Jeff Fates, Drupal

OS CMS systems beat the crap out of the free ones for what you get for your money, including support. If you have a budget then you can get in touch with the authors of the OS systems easily the only thing they sometimes don't win on is polish it is someone's job to look at each piece and make sure that it is slick Drupal is free, It upgrades about twice  a year, one major one minor ... (more)

BarCamp Cambridge, ARM microcontroler

ARM microcontroler dev guy. hard to use these processors, whanted to make something like this availableto normal peoplewant internet bluetooth connected devices so they built something he just plugged in a microcontoler with a wireless sensorhis machine things that it's a flash drive he dregged over a binarythe device started blinking, this is the hello world of hardware hacking,cool what can you do now? well cool stuff obviously! ... (more)

BarCamp Cambridge, Tom Morris, Semantic Web for hackers

what's cool about microformats web? is it the stickers?the t-shirtsthe community process personal information disastertravel airlines don't talk to railroads microformats say, what problem does it solve? perhaps there is no problem at all what problem does blogging solve?Twitter for christ's sake? no one knows what they do until they are popular e.g. yahoo pipes is not practical yetit is a user experience nightmareand it doesn't have a clear defined purpose ... (more)

live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Laura James

Laura JamesAlert Me.Com might get too corporate. trying to do the internet of things, internet access to small devicesthey are implimetning today, and will be shipping later this year.comes from R&D, but working in a shipping they are going to ship a home security system, but they are actuallybuilding a platofrmthat can connect anything that does not require full audio and video using a mesh network that connect to a hub using a 'zigby'output can be things like a lamp that has a color dependant state ... (more)

live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Matt's discussion

discussionQ Gridle is raised along with RDFa if you don't like the way that the xslt is workin you can make your own.however most domain exprts can't write xslt if you just let the domain experts create microformats you may leave theontologicaldefinitions to people who are creating the xslt AG says that there may be two different problems, address to addressbookfrom page vs data harvesting ... (more)

live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Matt's talk

Matt talking about semanitic web for science, an introductionXML, URI, namespaces, RDL OWL,standards are often argued about but it;s just XML we are supposed to be able to publish semantis data easily,at the moment it's not just an extension but a whole other world,people won't learn sapqrl Matt believes that we can get the benifits of semantic now, but withoutin any case, it's hard to get funding ... (more)