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BarCamp Cambridge - James talking about HTML5

Mon Jul 14, 2008

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James is just an interested bysander on the HTML 5 mailing list, hey, it's abarcamp

html5 is th enew verison of html

applemozillaoperaanyone who joins the mailing list


w3c (which means MS, which means this is going to work in IE)

if you have ideas, then you can joing hte mailing list and put ideasforwards for the specification

why should we?

lots of information is locked up in HTML, not XML, not SVGL

most of it is invalid

it's important to know how to parse this invalid html, at the moment all ofthis understanding is locked up in browers, you have to reverse hack mozillaor IE souce, not a good situation to be in

HTML4 is underspecifiedincisistentdoes not match reality

for example the reason when google maps is launced, it didn't work in Safaribecause no one knows how to parse HTML

another example is video, you need a proprietary plug in to watch videos inyou tube, this is nuts

what of xhtml, this requires XML, and for a lot of people this is also nuts

most browser vendors can't impliemtnXHTML2 inther browser

what is the proceedure?identify use casesand look for solutions to use cases

this is more contentions than you would think

html 5 looks like html

some changes

doctype is shrtercharset is supported

what interesting features are implimented

things like

nav could be ignored by screen readers

aside is designed for pull out boxes.

some of the reasons for these new items is a google search for favouriteclass names used in htmlthese items closely follow a hughe number of entities that are already inuse

html 5 specifies more algorithms in more details

you can associate a visable caption with an image(is called a legend, not caption for historical reasons)

finally good support for video multiple encodings supported with source elements with fallback content

autoplay attribute for audio

lots of DOM support, so you could write a media player in HTML 5

this is working already

new inline elements, e.g. datetime, progress, meter. (specify value throughattributes or get values via program??)

lot's of support for forms,sample shows many high level form inputs with easy coding.

lots more, canvas element used by yahoo pipes

parsing, HTML privides a detailed parsing algorithim that can deal withmis-formed htmlit is designed with desktop browsers in mind.implimentaion in html5lib (originally written in python, ported to Ruby).you can use this on the web and see how the parser works there.

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