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20 Jul 2017I’m hiring a product manager

13 Jul 2017ic2s2 Thursday morning keynotes

13 Jul 2017Ic2s2 Thursday Closing Keynotes

12 Jul 2017ic2s2 Wednesday morning keynotes

12 Jul 2017IC2s2 Wikipedia track, Wednesday

11 Jul 2017IC2s2 Tuesday Afternoon Keynotes

11 Jul 2017IC2s2 - Tuesday Morning

10 Jul 2017IC2s2 2017, conference preview

16 Mar 2017Futurepub10

15 Mar 2017Three posts about product development

10 Jan 2017PLOS are looking for a new CEO

10 Jan 2017Reverse DOI lookups with Crossref

15 Dec 2016What do we mean when we talk about Big Data?

15 Dec 2016Hello SAGE!

13 Dec 2016What we mean when we talk about preprints

09 Dec 2016Textometrica, a tool review

09 Dec 2016Social Humanities DataHack event

08 Dec 2016Something broke in a Jekyll upgrade (a.k.a, sometimes I hate software)

08 Dec 2016Covalent Data, first impressions

15 Jun 2016Goodbye eLife!

17 May 2015A(peeling) Peer Review, a proposal.

11 May 2015data science vs statistics talk at the RSS

16 Apr 2015aws london summit notes

13 Mar 2015RIP Terry Pratchett

05 Mar 2015Some thoughts about product management

19 Feb 2015Wittgenstein and Physics, Cross College Oxford one day seminar

11 Feb 2015Climbing outlook for 2015

04 Feb 2015The 70/90 Rule

28 Jan 2015FuturePub Jan 2015 - Lens Next

19 Jan 2015Some thoughts on FORCE2015, science trust and ethics.

26 Sep 2014synthesis of breakout session from day 1 - institutions and metrics

24 Sep 2014FuturePub3 - September 2014 event

24 Sep 2014thoughts on the ERC data workshop

21 Sep 2014ERC data management workshop, day 2

21 Sep 2014ERC data management workshop, day 1

11 Aug 2014Some pittfalls in using iPython to generate talk slides

09 Aug 2014shortcuts that I use for the git command line

29 Jul 2014looking for ideas for our wikimania talk on open scholarship tools

30 May 2014FuturePub - future of publishing event, hosted by NESTA and WriteLaTeX

30 May 2014Designing better UX deliverables - Anna Dahlström

16 Apr 2014Trial by public, open peer review and the power of attention.

14 Apr 2014April digital strategy forum

08 Apr 2014Php user group March 2013 - BeHat.

30 Mar 2014Climbing goals update 1, 2014

23 Mar 2014Discussing Open Access - a comment

31 Jan 2014How to create threads between publications and clinical trial registraion numbers

18 Jan 2014WriteLateX/Overleaf launch event at the British Library

18 Jan 2014Review of climbing goals, goals for 2014

08 Jan 2014advice on publishing research online

04 Dec 2013STM innovations seminar, London, 2013

03 Dec 2013STM brainstorming session - 2013

02 Dec 2013Hidden In Plain Sight

19 Nov 2013Setting up Vagrant, Librarian-Chef and Vagrant aws plugins on OSX Mavericks.

10 Nov 2013Spoton13

06 Nov 2013Vertigo

17 Oct 2013PLOS ALM 13 day 2

16 Oct 2013PLOS ALM 13, day1

16 Oct 2013NISO ALM standardization workshop

30 Sep 2013Cambridge usability group - UX and agile

30 Sep 2013Cambridge usability group - UX and agile

29 Jul 2013Some advice on learning web development.

02 Jul 2013EC consultation on Open Data - a report.

02 Jul 2013EC consultation on Open Data - my presentation.

16 May 2013Some Thoughts on web scale annotation.

27 Apr 2013Some thoughts on the Taylor and Francis Survey.

23 Apr 2013Communicating better, moving from virtualenv to vagrant/Chef

24 Mar 2013Font, Spring 2013, preview

24 Mar 2013Font, Spring 2011, quick report

24 Mar 2013Climbing review of 2012, goals 2013.

30 Jan 2013ENCODE - an example of open publication and data integration.

23 Jan 2013Product Tank 6, big data

12 Nov 2012SpotOn day 2.

11 Nov 2012SpotOn day 1.

11 Nov 2012The new food.

10 Nov 2012Last minute changes to our solo12journals line up.

28 Oct 2012The journal is dead, long live the journal - abstract.

11 Oct 2012Data literature integration workshop.

03 Oct 2012Mind the product 2012, notes.

02 Oct 2012Going for gold, open access debate.

22 Aug 2012The slow web, more thoughtful experiences.

17 Jul 2012sharing documents with google apps for your domain

17 Jul 2012academic ghost towns, Google scholar and Mendeley

12 Jul 2012The cost of production

11 Jul 2012XMP wrangling on OS X

08 Jul 2012What use metaphor?

02 Jul 2012Elio

26 Jun 2012Did you just tell me to go fuck myself?

18 Jun 2012Some Thoughts on Peer Review and Altmetrics

17 Jun 2012Augmented Peer Review

17 Jun 2012Super quick start guide to fluidinfo

08 May 2012The Tractaus, a mini-review

05 May 2012Leaving Mendeley

18 Jan 2012Mendeley, an investment branch of the citation bank.

17 Jan 2012SOPA and PIPA stink, but the RWA is more dangerous to science.

08 Jan 2012Climbing Goals 2012, review 2011

21 Nov 2011example title

20 Nov 2011Update on MathJax

13 Oct 2011Converting between dates and unix time in Python

07 Oct 2011Nature, Whiskey and me

06 Oct 2011Hindawi have an awesome reviewing system.

03 Oct 2011Megajournals

03 Oct 2011The rude health of Open Access Publishing.

02 Sep 2011SOLO11, day1, morning sessions.

02 Sep 2011Science Online London Keynote, Michael Nielson on Open Sciecne

01 Sep 2011Talkfest, science and community

30 Aug 2011ArXiV at 20, a brief review.

08 Aug 2011Serendipity, a chance encounter (obviously)

31 Mar 2011Robert Bunsen’s Birthday

30 Mar 2011Sits meeting notes, November 2010.

29 Mar 2011mini-review of “Measuring the User Experience on a Large Scale”

27 Feb 2011Our gospels define us

06 Feb 2011Rat in the Snow

04 Jan 2011Turning the Physics ArXiV into an Open Peer Review System.

20 Dec 2010Cancelled :( Drinks with Chris Wiggins.

13 Dec 2010Wrangling image metadata

14 Nov 2010Video workflow with a mac using iMovie and capturing with a Lumix GF1

02 Nov 2010San Francisco, and science hack day discussions

02 Nov 2010DLF opening keynote, beyond buckets and boxes

02 Nov 2010Arriving in Paulo Alto for the DLF fall forum

18 Oct 2010save mailfolder messages to a file using applescript

24 Sep 2010Citation Style Language

14 Sep 2010The Future of Knowledge Organisation on the Web, a one day conference.

13 Sep 2010Slides from APS Talk, August, 2010

07 Sep 2010Connecting Scientific Resources, Slides

06 Sep 2010science scraping with YQL

27 Aug 2010Connecting Scientific Resources

23 Aug 2010Passing arguments in liquid templates.

15 Aug 2010Testing Code Hilighting

14 Jul 2010Notes from JISC activity streams workshop

05 Jul 2010Read mail in intervals on OS X

03 Jul 2010my first post

12 May 2010hackney are fuckers.

04 May 2010Edinburgh, first draft

29 Apr 2010A mini rant about LaTeX

13 Apr 2010creating a tumblog

22 Mar 2010The three ages of Elvis in potatoes!

17 Mar 2010Kierkegaard, forgetting and existence

19 Feb 2010Python PEP for a graph API

10 Feb 2010Probabilistic language models, auto-correction tools and scientific discovery.

08 Feb 20104 ways to set the heigth of your open social gadget

04 Feb 2010What’s the right amount to charge for phone content?

04 Feb 2010Identity systems, science and the internet

04 Feb 2010Cost benefit of publishing academic books,

04 Feb 2010Banks and Credit Card companies are fuckers

02 Feb 2010what makes a chocolate “cheeky”

29 Jan 2010opensocial development on eclipse, starting the web server

28 Jan 2010quick thoughts on the iPad

20 Jan 2010Usage of graph layouts on Biostor

04 Jan 2010Climbing Goals 2010, review 2009.

01 Dec 2009dreaming of snow

01 Dec 2009Keeping Dopplr and iCal in two way sync.

20 Nov 2009Strange anxiety dream

31 Oct 2009Notes from the Google Wave London roadshow

19 Oct 2009Django models vs. Pickling objects for object persistence.

03 Oct 2009An interesting invitation

25 Aug 2009Comparing Windmill to Safariwatir

17 Aug 2009Cron, python and Google Wave

13 Aug 2009Why I think the Drake equation is a crock of shit.

29 Jul 2009Swine flu t-shirts

11 Jun 2009Fluid Dynamics in the Browser

20 May 2009unknown post

16 Apr 2009Another great example of how being lazy can reap great rewards

14 Apr 2009notes on “Classes of complex networks defined by role-to-role connectivity profiles”

14 Apr 2009Why measure scientists and their work?

14 Apr 2009Neat blog on Sankey diagrams.

13 Apr 2009Why I’m setting up this blog

13 Apr 2009Moving over to the googleverse

13 Apr 2009Grave of the reverend Thomas Bayes

13 Apr 2009Directed Graph blog setup.

12 Apr 2009testing latex and syntax hilighting on blogger

12 Apr 2009Getting listed on nature blogs

12 Apr 2009Adding a tag cloud to blogger

10 Mar 2009I woke up today and git-svn was broken.

09 Mar 2009Rail in the UK is really pretty shitty

02 Mar 2009other tips for new york

02 Mar 2009Five places to eat in New York, mmmmm

18 Feb 2009unknown post

18 Feb 2009Training Diary Catchup

18 Feb 2009Not a smart way to do this.

13 Feb 2009Wrangling data from a mysql db

10 Feb 2009Training diary, week 5

09 Feb 2009Converting a mysql schmea into an entity relationship diagram

07 Feb 2009Even Santa goes to see the rugby

02 Feb 2009weekly training log, week 4

02 Feb 2009Weekly training report, week 3

21 Jan 2009wrapping c code for python using swig on Mac OS X

21 Jan 2009unknown post

21 Jan 2009Code Higlighting in Blogger

17 Jan 2009Weekly training report, week 2

14 Jan 2009Is RSS dead, and why is it dying?

12 Jan 2009Nasty week ahead

09 Jan 2009World War II, Science and Springer Authors

08 Jan 2009Wekly training report, week 1.

23 Dec 2008Review of Climbing Goals for 2008.

21 Dec 2008what apps do I want on the iPhone?

21 Dec 2008test a link

21 Dec 2008subprime mortgage crises explained using stick figures

21 Dec 2008star wars

21 Dec 2008social networks

21 Dec 2008scribed is cool, but

21 Dec 2008sadly I’ve just discovered that vox sucks

21 Dec 2008question of the day, evil vice presidents

21 Dec 2008progress

21 Dec 2008perl and again,

21 Dec 2008nice idea for improving the six nations rugby tournament

21 Dec 2008networks; head to head

21 Dec 2008network branching, netsci08

21 Dec 2008netsci08 opening keynote

21 Dec 2008netsci08 blogging

21 Dec 2008mozy backup service

21 Dec 2008incentives

21 Dec 2008ikea is like a biological machine

21 Dec 2008iPhone prediction market

21 Dec 2008how to learn python

21 Dec 2008getting married and buying an iPhone are probably incompatible.

21 Dec 2008further confustion

21 Dec 2008drowning in the streamosphere

21 Dec 2008digital archeology, finding traces in the bits

21 Dec 2008collaborative intelligence and the pidgeonhole problem

21 Dec 2008climbing milestone

21 Dec 2008chasing cars

21 Dec 2008bus podcast idea

21 Dec 2008blogging darwin

21 Dec 2008a great presentation about books and community

21 Dec 2008Your Brightkite Invite

21 Dec 2008Why the LHC is not really that impressive

21 Dec 2008We have been nominated for a webby

21 Dec Founder Creates Fireball (Fire Eagle + DodgeBall + Twitter)

21 Dec 2008Ubigraph

21 Dec 2008The gap between Open Access and Editorial Quality

21 Dec 2008Testing out a new blog platform

21 Dec 2008Soft peer review

21 Dec 2008Predictably Irrational

21 Dec 2008Networks in Space, Mark Newman, netsci08

21 Dec 2008Max OS X does not have gethrtime and as a result cannot load Time::HR

21 Dec 2008I didn’t expect lock in so quickly

21 Dec 2008How I learned to stop worrying and love RSS

21 Dec 2008Efficient Name Disambiguation for Large-Scale Databases

21 Dec 2008Creationism as Science,

21 Dec 2008Cloverfield

21 Dec 2008A minor milestone in leisurely reading

14 Jul 2008weekend grill

14 Jul 2008spreading of meme’s behavior driven transmission of an idea

14 Jul 2008sometimes, just sometimes a piece of news makes me smile

14 Jul 2008restaurant BAYOU Berlin

14 Jul 2008pythonic is a way of thinking

14 Jul 2008Patents and Peer Review, kissing cousins?

14 Jul 2008open science

14 Jul 2008mozy backup service

14 Jul 2008live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge,

14 Jul 2008live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Matt’s talk

14 Jul 2008live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Matt’s discussion

14 Jul 2008live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Laura James

14 Jul 2008google reader now has search

14 Jul 2008getting started

14 Jul 2008get addicted, feed the world

14 Jul 2008friends of mine of TV

14 Jul 2008comment on climbing goals

14 Jul 2008and while we are at it here are the references from that article

14 Jul 2008agile programming

14 Jul 2008Why do all of the science fiction authors have all of the really good ideas already?

14 Jul 2008Weddings make you fat

14 Jul 2008Today at lunch duplicators and instantiators

14 Jul 2008Tips for switching from Windows to Mac

14 Jul 2008The fruitcakes have a talking form

14 Jul 2008The Laboratory Website and Video Awards

14 Jul 2008Simpsian

14 Jul 2008Sci - foo lurking

14 Jul 2008Potter prediction

14 Jul 2008Open Reviewing

14 Jul 2008New Terminal In Mac Os 10.5 Is Nice But Dont Forget That There Is A Bash_profile Out Of The Box

14 Jul 2008Money Saving Web Sites for Living in the UK

14 Jul 2008Mining social data, what Flickr tells us about place

14 Jul 2008Liam dropping by london

14 Jul 2008Installing Python Image Library on a Mac

14 Jul 2008If programming is magic, then the old languages are strong

14 Jul 2008Great places to hang out in Den Haag

14 Jul 2008Getting motivated for climbing

14 Jul 2008Get Slimmer Pets

14 Jul 2008CPANPLUS and Mac OSX

14 Jul 2008BarCamp Cambridge Jeff Fates, Drupal

14 Jul 2008BarCamp Cambridge - teacking computers to understand text, Peter Corbett

14 Jul 2008BarCamp Cambridge - James talking about HTML5

14 Jul 2008BarCamp Cambridge - James Smith talking about Ensemble, head of the internet team for Ensemble

14 Jul 2008BarCamp Cambridge, Tom Morris, Semantic Web for hackers

14 Jul 2008BarCamp Cambridge, ARM microcontroler

14 Jul 2008Are Academics Prostitutes

14 Jul 2008An idea for an interface for picture search

29 Jun 2006Volvox

26 Jun 2006Economics and The New World Order,

26 Jun 2006Economics and The New World Order,