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BarCamp Cambridge, Tom Morris, Semantic Web for hackers

what's cool about microformats web? is it the stickers?the t-shirtsthe community process personal information disastertravel airlines don't talk to railroads microformats say, what problem does it solve? perhaps there is no problem at all what problem does blogging solve?Twitter for christ's sake? no one knows what they do until they are popular e.g. yahoo pipes is not practical yetit is a user experience nightmareand it doesn't have a clear defined purpose ... (more)

getting started

Well, i'm starting out my mob-blogging life waiting in que for a flight to milan, and i discover that my predictive text thinks i'm a clogger! An interesting, if somewhat disturbing begining. Tags: moblog, txt, travel ... (more)

Why do all of the science fiction authors have all of the really good ideas already?

My friend Gavin has been increasingly interested in the singularity, wherebythe quiddity of humanness is uploaded into a computer, to reside there. Ithink the definition of the singularity has something to do reaching themoment where the boundary between a human individual entity and thetechnology that surrounds them becomes transparent, or disappearsaltogether. It struck me this weekend that if you can upload an intelligence , a person,a being, a soul, into a peice of technology, then you would probably beliving at a moment when technology was advanced enough to be able to build abody from the amino acid's up. ... (more)