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Five places to eat in New York, mmmmm

Five places to eat in New York, I used to live in New York a good few years ago, and now when friends ofmine are about to go there they sometimes ask me about what to do there. Ikeep trying to think of great places to go in the city, so here is a shortlist of five of my favorite places to eat in New York. Not fancy, notexhaustive, just five places that I remember fondly now that I look back onmy time there. ... (more)

Great places to hang out in Den Haag

I have a good friend who lives in Den Haag and passed on the followingadvice about places to go and eat if you have a small child. This is reallygreat advice so I thought I should post it here: Hi Victoria, Very sad to hear your friend has such a lousy experience in my country. AsIan can confirm, it's not a very easy place for 'outsiders'... The upside isthat if you are not at fancy free and footloose as my friend Ian is- andwith a little boy that age she will have moderated her dancing ambitions-The Hague can be quite a nice place to hang out. ... (more)

restaurant BAYOU Berlin

I got the email below a few days ago: Hello to you all,Please forgive the bulk email! We hope all is well with you.We will be opening our new restaurant on December 1st. Please visit our newwebsite at You are able to book hotel reservations onour site using our corporate discount rate. We hope to see you sometimesoon,All the best,Steve and Brandon Earlier this year I was on holiday in Nerja in the south of Spain. ... (more)