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BarCamp Cambridge - James Smith talking about Ensemble, head of the internet team for Ensemble

Ensemble came out of the human genome project about 8 years ago to preventcommercialization of genomic data. the idea was to have an open source human genome companies would have to do some work before they could make money off ofsequences. the ensemble projects takes the raw data from the genes and adds other datato this, such as reference data from other experiments there is enemble codeand there is the data ... (more)


OK, so I'm interested in installing the Connotea code base on my mac fordevelopment reasons. It will be the first time that I am going to startplaying around with a largish perl installation on my macine and there are alot of perl dependencies to be installed. Rather than going through CPANmodule by module, and rather than writing a bundle file for the connoteadependancies (because I don't know how to do that yet) I decided to try touse CPANPLUS, due to the tips on perl administration withCPANPLUS ... (more)