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Setting up Vagrant, Librarian-Chef and Vagrant aws plugins on OSX Mavericks.

I have a new macbook pro. I want to install vagrant, chef and librarian, with the vagrant-aws plugins. I’m working on OSX Mavericks, and I want to get as clean an install as possible. For the most part I am also using the fish shell. This is what I’ve just run through over the last 20 minutes. Install command line tools from the terminal $ xcode-select --install Next we are going to install homebrew, with homebrew we will install rvm and with rvm we will install ruby. ... (more)


OK, so I'm interested in installing the Connotea code base on my mac fordevelopment reasons. It will be the first time that I am going to startplaying around with a largish perl installation on my macine and there are alot of perl dependencies to be installed. Rather than going through CPANmodule by module, and rather than writing a bundle file for the connoteadependancies (because I don't know how to do that yet) I decided to try touse CPANPLUS, due to the tips on perl administration withCPANPLUS ... (more)

Installing Python Image Library on a Mac

I spent about half an hour trying to install the excellent Python ImageLibrary on my mac. It's one of those things that is more annying than itshould be. You get libjpeg from here follow the instructions here onhow to patch the makefile and how to install libjpeg: (all this after installingthe developer tools on mac), only to fail and then discover that there is aprebuilt binary package here: which works perfectly. ... (more)