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After 5 years and $3M, here's everything we've learned from building Ghost

This is a great overview of how a not for profit open source technology company built a working business providing publishing tools. It speaks to how bad the landscape for publishing tools on the web is. Their product was originally created on kickstarter, and I remember when it launched, and being impressed with it back then. They have now pivoted away from trying to server small content individuals and are making money serving needs in the enterprise. ... (more)

April digital strategy forum

On the 1st of April I had the pleasure of being invited to a digital strategy forum event hosted by the Wellcome Trust. People involved in digital and online projects from across a number of not for profit organisations gathered to hear some short talks about using, and contributing to, open source, agile project development and responsive design. Open Source development. Open Sourcing Wellcome Library Player – Tom Crane, Digirati agency The player can be embedded in other sites. ... (more)