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BarCamp Cambridge - teacking computers to understand text, Peter Corbett

a desk at the computer lab and at the chemistry lab. computationl lingustic chemistryauto-detect language in chemistry papers to try to recognics chemical andmarkup. suppliment the mark-up from publishers. can draw the chemical and annotating them overlayed over the paper some problems are that there can be new names in papers,comapct names, include extra hyphens, this program can deal with these kindsof things. also can use systematics parsing. ... (more)

live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Laura James

Laura JamesAlert Me.Com might get too corporate. trying to do the internet of things, internet access to small devicesthey are implimetning today, and will be shipping later this year.comes from R&D, but working in a shipping they are going to ship a home security system, but they are actuallybuilding a platofrmthat can connect anything that does not require full audio and video using a mesh network that connect to a hub using a 'zigby'output can be things like a lamp that has a color dependant state ... (more)