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FuturePub Jan 2015 - Lens Next

On 2015-01-27 I gave one of the short talks at the FuturePub event. My slidedeck is here. I wanted to give a quick update on where the Lens viewer for research articles is heading. Lens is a great platform for experimentation, and we have been iterating on some ideas towards the end of 2014 that have now made it into the 2.0 release. The main update is that Lens can now be configured to accept information from a 3rd party source and display that information in the right hand resources pane. ... (more)

STM innovations seminar, London, 2013

Today I’m at the STM innovations seminar. The twitter tag for today is #ukinno. The program is online. I’m going to take a light approach to blogging today, I’ll probably hang out mostly on Twitter. ## 9.35 The Research Data Revolution, Sayeed Choudhury, Associate Dean for Research Data Management, Johns Hopkins University  Data has become a major topic of interest from all sectors of society with headlines such as “Data is the new oil” to assertions from McKinsey that data is the fourth factor of production. ... (more)