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Sits meeting notes, November 2010.

2010-11-04 sits Right, the meeting is starting, it’s an open meeting, so we don’t have a specific agenda, but as the day goes on topics for discussion will emerge, and these will be time-boxed for discussion. As the participation list is available on the eventbrite site, I’m not going to capture that here. Some topics from the last meeting signatures on digital objects correct identifiers on digital objects author identifiers lightweight languages toolsets sword, sword2 Some potential topics for this meeting authentication and access control rdf and linked data within institutions and repositories data curation reasonable workflow components, best practices lightweight tool sharing web archiving sustainable storage tool sharing data curation, big data, and what the concept of curation means for repositories ... (more)

Notes from JISC activity streams workshop

Dave Jennings giving the opening talk, abundance of content without structure is not to be feared, example comes from music. uses a Medneley slide to talk about the lastfm – Medneley bridge. talks about the amazon collaborative filter mentions how this can lead to a dystopia, Googlezon, the big brother of recommender system. talks about the future of pervasive recommender systems, and brain matching to content matching. john cage - my favourite music the music I haven’t heard yet. ... (more)