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rescognito - a route towards a weighted scholarly graph.

I sat down with Richard Wynne. Richard has a long career in the publishing space, having been one of the senior team at Aries for a long time. Over the last year Richard has founded Rescognito. Rescognito is a service to allow institutions or individuals to award credits (or rescogs ) to anyone for anything within the scholarly ecosystem. You can reward article contributions, reviews, presentations, knowledge, providing open data. The schema is extendible, so if you have a particular use-case in mind it could be accommodated. ... (more)


Scholia is an amazing interface into scholarly information held inside id WikiData. It includes information about authors, articles and a very large chunk of the citation graph. You can see an article pate here: The tool extracts topic information on articles, shows cites and citing articles (and how many citations each of these articles has) ... (more)