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This week I attended futurepub10, I love these events, I’ve been to a bunch, and the format of short talks, and lots of time to catchup with people is just great. # A new Cartography of Collaboration - Daniel Hook, CEO Digital Science (work with Ian Calvert). Digital science have produced a report on collaboration, and this talk was covering one of chapters from that. I was interested to see what the key takeaways are that you can describe in a five minute talk. ... (more)

Serendipity, a chance encounter (obviously)

Tonight there was a lovely sameas event on the topic of serendipity. I’d stared a blog post about this back in May as a response to to a post that Frank Norman wrote about enablining serendipidous discovery in the digital library. Well, that post kind of lingered, malingered in my drafts directory, so I thought I’d best get on get something out there, spurred on by the event tonight. I studied in Edinburgh for a few years, it’s a beautiful city, and in the heart of the old town Victoria Street sweeps in a steep curve down to the cowgate. ... (more)