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Book review - Tiamat’s wrath - book nine of the expanse series.

This book review is really only for people who have been reading all of the expanse book series. If you have not then there are some spoilers in here. I finished this over my summer holiday, and it was a ton of fun. I noted that In the first few books of the series when the action was contained within the solar system a lot of book time was taken up describing the time it took to travel around the solar system, and the intricacies if the orbital mechanics that went into that. ... (more)

Today at lunch duplicators and instantiators

I work at a pretty innovative place and the discussions that we have atlunch time are pretty mind bending. The last time I can recall having somany interesting discussions over lunch and breaks was way back when I wasin my first undergraduate degree, but the topics of conversation that tendto come up at my current place of employment are really worth trying torecord. Today we started off having a couple of split conversation, Euan describingchatting to Martha at Sci-Foo and Euan and I talking about Euler, as you do. ... (more)