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The three body problem.

I’ve just zipped through this book in what feels like about a week, but was probably a bit longer. I didn’t like it. The book sets up engagement with a computer game as a key plot driver, along with specific behaviours of an alien civilisation. Both of these are central to the driver of the book and in both cases I wasn’t able to believe what was happening. They lacked internal consistency and plausibility, in particular the plot device of unpacking a proton and accessing higher dimensional spaces. ... (more)

live blogging from BarCamp Cambridge, Matt's discussion

discussionQ Gridle is raised along with RDFa if you don't like the way that the xslt is workin you can make your own.however most domain exprts can't write xslt if you just let the domain experts create microformats you may leave theontologicaldefinitions to people who are creating the xslt AG says that there may be two different problems, address to addressbookfrom page vs data harvesting ... (more)

restaurant BAYOU Berlin

I got the email below a few days ago: Hello to you all,Please forgive the bulk email! We hope all is well with you.We will be opening our new restaurant on December 1st. Please visit our newwebsite at You are able to book hotel reservations onour site using our corporate discount rate. We hope to see you sometimesoon,All the best,Steve and Brandon Earlier this year I was on holiday in Nerja in the south of Spain. ... (more)

Today at lunch duplicators and instantiators

I work at a pretty innovative place and the discussions that we have atlunch time are pretty mind bending. The last time I can recall having somany interesting discussions over lunch and breaks was way back when I wasin my first undergraduate degree, but the topics of conversation that tendto come up at my current place of employment are really worth trying torecord. Today we started off having a couple of split conversation, Euan describingchatting to Martha at Sci-Foo and Euan and I talking about Euler, as you do. ... (more)