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Some ruminations on software architecture and diagramming

So Pat Kua recently tweeted: UML failed so here we have AML (Arbitrary Modeling Language) — Pat Kua (@patkua) November 9, 2018 and this got me thinking about the worries I’ve had about not doing “diagramming” right, but the above tweet led me to read a ton of really interesting posts on software architecting. Bottom line is, as with so many things, pick the artefact that fits the purpose and the audience. ... (more)

Is caution justified when thinking about docker?

I’ve been fascinated by docker for the past few years, and there is clearly a “rush to dockerise” I’ve been Neville’s by how easy it is to get complex systems up and running locally, so perhaps it’s time to read with some caution some of the potential downsides. Argues about those. He article highlights exactly why I like docker: Me: “I can write a bash script. Or “make”. Or any other kind of installer, of which there are dozens. ... (more)