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I read through this piece by Rick Anderson. It’s a very good piece. It does an excellent job of articulating some of the challenges of subscription publishing and of various forms of open access publishing.

I have a couple of relativly minor issues with it.

The impression I got from reading it was that OA advocates are more shouty and incapable of a serious debate on the issue than advocates of a subscription model, and possibly those who pursue subscription models are more open minded. I don’t buy that. I agree that the behaviours that Rick points out do need to be raised, but I don’t think there is a strong balance of rationality in one side of the argument over the other. I admit I could be wrong.

When I analyse how I come to feel this way I end up drawing from the following:

So to summarise, Rick’s article is great, we should have more balanced conversations, but I don’t think that one side has a monopoly on ideology.