How to create threads between publications and clinical trial registraion numbers

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Yesterday I attended an interesting meeting to discuss how to improve the connection between clinical trial registration ids and publications. My raw notes from the meeting follow. This is being discussed as publication threads, but the idea discussed here stands apart from the kind of publication threads that the endcode project worked on.


ATTENDEES - organisations:

eLife f1000 PLOS BMC Springer lancet BMJ crossref

attendees - people

Geoffrey Bilder, CrossRef, Director of Strategic Initiatives Rachael Lammey, CrossRef, Product Manager CrossMark Daniel Shanahan, BioMed Central, Associate Publisher Tim Stevenson, BioMed Central, Product Manager Deborah Kahn, BioMed Central, EVP Publishing Caroline Black, BioMed Central, Senior Publisher Katherine Barton, BMJ, Operations Manager Josie Breen, BMJ, Head of Editorial Production Isaac Jones, BMJ, Production Manager Ian Mulvany, eLife, Head of Technology Iain Hrynaszkiewicz, F1000, Outreach Director Karen Rowlett, F1000Research, Managing Editor Helene Faure, ISRCTN Database Manager Hannah Jones, The Lancet, Managing Editor Dan Lewsley, The Lancet, Head of Production Joseph Brown, PLoS, Senior Editorial Manager Volker Boeing, Springer, Director, Process and Content Management Mirjam Kessler, Springer, Bibliographic Metadata Manager

Background and status

The vision is for every publication to forward and backward link to every other publication, but this is not practical. This is where crossmark comes in. The idea would be to implement a hub and spoke model, and get everyone to wire things together in crossmark. (My take from the technical side was that the trial registration id will be the parent in all of the relationships, but this needs a bit more fleshing out).

Crossmark notes

open discussion


round table wrap up


- propose a namespace for relationships to be modelled  
- create an interest group now, that could potentially move towards being a crossref working group
	- get a funder involved  
	- get someone from the registry community  
	- get a chair who is not from crossref @done 
		- chair will come from BMC @done 
	- have a product manager who helps coordinate the meeting  
	- we can call the meeting today - meeting 0  
	- arrange the next meeting