Climbing review of 2012, goals 2013.

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212 climbing review.

OK, time to review the year. I wrote out some goals at the start of last year.

Goals for 2012 were

My training diary from 2011 looked like:

And for 2012 it looked like:

There were two large disruptions to my climbing this year:

The key effects were that I prioritised away from routes to bouldering for the second half of 2012. It also meant that I had far fewer trips out than in previous years, with only a few short day trips in January, and one afternoon trying a famous bouldering problem in Edinburgh.

I also bought a beastmaker 1000, and started to use it regularly.

Time to get strong.

Bouldering tally

In 2011 my bouldering tally looked like:

total ~ 250
v3 - 55
v4 - 8
v5 - 0

And in 2012 it looked like:

total - 322
V2 86
V3 90
V4 19
V5 2

Climbing highlights


Goals for 2013

I guess it’s time to set some goals. I’ll try and use SMART metrics this time - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. The main trip that I have planned for 2013 will be a trip to font, so that also provides a good anchor for goals for this year. I’ll also try to tie long term goals for 2013 with “now-actions” that move me towards those long term goals.

SMART goals for 2013

Long term goals with now-actions