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Arriving in Paulo Alto for the DLF fall forum

Tue Nov 2, 2010

175 Words

(I’m posting some of these posts a few days after writing, but you’ll get that, won’t you)

It’s five in the morning, and I’m well and truly jet lagged, but after the past week this is not the strangest I’ve been feeling so, it’s not too bad (the immunisation shots for my trip to Mexico left me in an entertainingly woozy state Friday evening).

I’m over to cover the digital library federation meeting, and the satellite SITS meeting on thursday. I’ve been sent along with David Challis from Douthhampton, and allthough we took the same flight we didn’t meet up until we had both made it to the hotel here in paulo alto.

One of the good lessons that came up in our conversation over dinner was that if you running a system that produces a lot of metadata, then it’s really important to be a consumer of your own system, because most of the other consumers of Thea system are not automatically going to alert you when there are errors in your metadata records.

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