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creating a tumblog

Tue Apr 13, 2010

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After a few conversations with @zzgavin, I've come to the conclusion
that there is a place for a tumblog in the toolkit of those who like
to post content onto the web. There are often pieces of content that I
want to call out, but don't have either the time or the interest to
write a longer blog post about. For a while I thought that would be a
good use of Twitter, but in the end that type of behaviour just
pollutes your twitter feed. Indeed, posting a link to an image is
never as immediate as posting the image itself.

This blog will remain a repository when I want to say something
coherent that is about 140 characters. My twitter feed will continue
to respond to the question of what it is that I am doing, combined
with it's use as a lightweight communication network. My tumblelog
will henceforth be an online digital clipboard of links, quotes and
images that tickle my fancy.

If you are so interested you may check it out at:

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