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Wekly training report, week 1.

Thu Jan 8, 2009

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Sunday 4th of January
8 km run, in 53 min, average heart rate about 149 bpm.

Monday 5th of January.
Did a mini endurance set on my fingerboard. I've decided to do a 4
week set of power endurance training, with a view to improving my
sport grade, just 4 weeks and then
I'll switch to finger strength for four weeks. This bascially hurts
and sucks, but hey, that's what you gotta do. I need to be able to
hand from my board for from between
3 to 4 minutes, my best time, as of today, is 90 seconds, let's see if
we can improve that shall we.

Tuesday 6th, 7.4 km, 50.45 min

Wednesday 7th,
Well, I originally wanted to get down to the climbing wall for my
first session of the new year, but I was a little wrecked, and decided
to have a rest instead.

Weekly review,

Very happy to have gotten 15km total running in my first week back,
and I'm also happy that I've decided to try a four week stint just
doing Power Endurance, either boulder circuits or exercises on the
fingerboard or redpoints. I've never had the discipline to keep one
format of training going for more than about two weeks before. The
goal is also very clear, increase the maximum time that I can hang off
of my fingerboard from 90 seconds to more than 90 seconds. This should
not be too difficult. The ultimate aim with this is to be able to hang
for between three and four minutes, and once I've reached that goal,
I'll start adding more resistance to build up a lot of power in that
time region.

I have decided to recalibrate my training weeks, with day one now
being a Saturday, and I'll be writing up my weekly reports, probably
Saturday morning of the new week, so next update a week on Saturday!

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