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comment on climbing goals

Mon Jul 14, 2008

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I find that having a cool trip planned every now and again is key forkeeping me motivated. I've been doing a lot of job and country hopping overthe past 10 years, and this has had a signifigant detrimental impact on theamount of climbing that I could do, but hey, I'm doing a job that I love,and those are the rolls we choose to take.

One thing that has kept me motivated to get of my arse and actually try abit harder when I am down in the gym is having a few cool trips planned inthe year. I'm not a major road-trip warrior, so I can only usually manage afew long weekends a year, and maybe one longer trip, but the motivation itgives is powerful stuff. I'm about to head to font for a week att hebeginning of September and that has me well primed right now.

These trips generally are my short-term goals, and I keep track of mypersonal bests. I know which problems I sent last time I was in font, andmore importantly which ones I nearly sent (oh yes, they will be mine!!).

Long term goals I must admit to having a problem with. My mid term goal forclimbing is to try to stay in one country for a few years and to get adriving license. Funny, but it seems that this is just the way a lot of mygood friends got better.

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